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Hydrometeorological Automated Data System
Timeliness of HADS Data Products System

The charts presented below depict various daily average delay times for HADS data products.

In this first chart ....

1. The upper trace is the daily average end-to-end time; from arrival of DCP transmissions at Wallops Island to receipt of HADS products at AWIPS (specifically with the NHOR AWIPS facility located in NWS Headquarters).

2. The middle trace is the daily average time; from arrival of DCP transmissions at Wallops Island, through a satellite relay system (DOMSAT) and through the HADS processing environment.    This reflects when products are ready for pick-up by the National Weather Service Telecommunications (NWSTG) system and forwarding to the NCF for transmission to AWIPS.  A colored diamond denotes the DOMSAT data feed was interrupted and HADS automatically switched to the backup (NWSTG) data feed.

3. The lowest trace is the daily average delay between the receipt of raw messages from Wallops Island and the time at
which the data became available as input to HADS processing.

The difference between the middle trace (blue) and the upper trace (red) shows the time delay between when a product is created in HADS and when it has been received by AWIPS.    If information is not available from the NHOR system, then breaks will appear in the red NHOR tracking line.

The charts are interactive.  You can scroll back in time by dragging the red scroll bar to the left.  You can zoom in on the display by using your mouse, holding down the left button and dragging the mouse to draw a box around a group of points.   You can also zoom out to display the entire chart by left clicking the mouse anywhere within the chart area and then pressing the 'end' key. Place your mouse pointer over a red square to view the date and number.

Moving Averages of HADS Processing Times

This chart displays the moving averages of elapsed time, from DCP transmission until the HADS delivers a finished data product containing the DCP data.

Today's Moving Averages:
 30 Day Moving Average : 2.14
100 Day Moving Average: 2.14
365 Day Moving Average: 2.10